Seasoned poet. Accolades abundant. 
TEDX Talk on Education Featuring HCZ Staff, Long Island University, Old Dominion University, Princeton University, University of California—Berkeley, University of Wisconsin—Madison, SUNY Buffalo, Nuyorican Poets CafĂ©, Bowery Poetry Club, Norfolk State University, Howard University, Fayetteville State University, Sankofa (DC), Princeton University’s Hip-Hop Symposium w/ Dream Hampton & Cornel West (March 2010/March 2012), HBO’s Def Poetry (2007) Brave New Voices San Francisco Slam Champion (2005)
& so much more...

Would you like to see me grace the stage?

More details, soon...

May 28th--How To Build A Fire,
Storytelling Showcase

Open Source Gallery
306 17th St,
Brooklyn New

June 12th--Westbury, NY---Reflections Art Showcase--5pm

June 24th--Brooklyn, New York, Explore Charter School Graduation Speaker 

If you'd like me to perform at your event or run a poetry/writing workshop in your classroom, email me at


Zuri said...

Hey sis. I left a comment on your Youtube clip. I see it's unlisted. Is it ok if i put it on my site?.

Anonymous said...


you are the truth, you speak the truth every word that you speak has an impact in our lives continue to inspire us!

Freddie Mac

riva. said...

@zuri Absolutely sis!

riva. said...

@anonymous Thank you!