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"I grew up in the 90s. I snuck my mother’s Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan, and Omar Tyree books. (I also snuck her Langston, J. California Cooper, and a copy of the DSMIV. But let’s be real…that’s not what influenced this series.) I watched “Love Jones”, “Love and Basketball”, “Hav Plenty”, “Brown Sugar” and many more movies like it, with eyes wide open. (I snuck some of those movies when no one was looking. I grew up in a household where I was only allowed to watch if the rating said I could.) The scenes of these works greatly influenced my outlook on love. I was ready to share an open mic cafe table with funny HBCU bred intellects, fall in love with the boy from next door, or one that was Brooklyn-bred in and love with hip-hop. We were going to be successful as all hell with our brown babies, running around our brownstone.
I moved to Brooklyn. I moved into a brownstone apartment. I frequented open mics and cafes. I walked along the Brooklyn promenade. I almost have everything I could ever wantHere's the thing...I haven't found "him" yet. Join me on my dates, by clicking the icons below,  and get ready to laugh, cry and nod your head, because you've been there."

For a few months, we will be taking four guest authors #fromblogtobook. Each week you'll be able to read a new installment from unique aspiring authors.