Rivaflowz.com seeks to reach every millennial woman of color, in America, through a variety of stories (fiction/non-fiction) that touch on topics that are relatable. We stand for the empowerment of the millennial woman and the validation of her experiences and tribulations. 

Erica "Rivaflowz" Buddington, a nickname given to her when she was rhyming, started Rivaflowz.com, in 2007, as a place to put her stories and poems, when she started undergrad at Hampton University. The blog started out as a way to share her work and get the opinion of family and friends. Around 2012, when she was freelancing like a mad woman, her byline brought folks here rapidly. Now, Rivaflowz.com has thousands of unique viewers every month. It's also used as a platform for emerging authors.

Erica "Rivaflowz” Buddington is an author and arts educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Buddington writes fiction and memoir that elaborates the experience of the millennial woman of color. She’s written/published three books: (Intention, Boroughs Apart, and Of Micah and Men). She's an HBO Def Poetpoetry slam champion, and content & arts education strategist for bloggers/writers/companies. 

Buddington is a career educator. She left her post as Director of TRUCE Media and Arts at Harlem Children’s Zone to design and found a creative writing & coding non-profit for young men of color that debuts Summer 2017.

(She's also a comic book, Harry Potter obsessed, HTML/CSS coding/graphic design techie, but we'll delve into that another time.)

You can find Erica on the cusp of Brooklyn's gentrification, in a quaint home office, spilling over with journals. She's working on her fourth book.

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