There are two stories that I tell about how I acquired the nickname "RivaFlowz." When I'm around esteemed colleagues, I tell them it was drawn from Langston Hughes's poem, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers." When asked by friends and lighthearted comrades, I tell the truth:

As one of the only female emcees, in my high school ciphers, I was often given major props, by the onlookers. One day, a student who was still trying to commandeer the English language approached me, after one of my performances. He stated, "You flow, like river." I was put off by the wording, at first, but then I realized that it fit!

A poet, emcee, writer, journalist, with similes abundant. How could I not have taken on the name?

I could debate that my intrigue of the phrase was heightened, by my prior love of Langston and his poem embedded deep within my psyche. Perhaps this was the reason I latched on to the name.

Nope, I'll stick with the truth. I'm RivaFlowz.

Hamil, a small and always happy boy dubbed me so. This blog is a plethora of my works.

You can find me on the cusp of Brooklyn's gentrification, in a quaint office, spilling over with journals. I'm working on my second book.

Accolades: HBO Def Poet, Slam Connoisseur, Champion Cupcake Eater, Hampton Alum

Not necessarily in that order.

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