IfNoOneHasToldYou.com seeks to reach every millennial woman of color, in America, through a variety of stories (fiction/non-fiction) that touch on topics that are relatable. We stand for the empowerment of the millennial woman and the validation of her experiences and tribulations. 

Erica Buddington, a nickname given to her when she was rhyming, started this site, in 2007, as a place to put her stories and poems, when she started undergrad at Hampton University. The blog started out as a way to share her work and get the opinion of family and friends. Around 2012, when she was freelancing like a mad woman, her byline brought folks here rapidly. Now, ifnoonehastoldyou.com (formerly rivaflowz.com) has thousands of unique viewers every month. It's also used as a platform for emerging authors.